Discount Codes

Here are the codes for our current special offers! Only one code per purchase, BOGO offers are only valid on the same type of item.

Discount hack: Like I said, only one discount code per purchase, can't be combined with automatic discounts. Not my rule, it's how the website works (enter shrugging emoji). But for USA shipping addresses, your shipping is free, so if you want multiple discounts you can achieve that by making multiple orders and using a different discount code each time.

For example: Want 2 dog tags and 2 ornaments? Just complete one order for 2 dog tags and use that discount code, then complete your checkout. Then make a separate purchase to get 2 ornaments with the ornament discount code.

Enough talking, here's what you came here for:


 10% off entire zodiac sign collection:



Buy one, get the second one 50% off (no expiration) :

Dog Tags: BOGO50DT

Ornaments: BOGO50OR